“An Industrial Job Shop that specializes in a little bit of everything.”

We fabricate, replicate, machine, and much more!


Surface Grinders for precision metal removal, very fine surface finishes. Form radius grinding for special tools, dies, cutters, and other grinding processes.


CNC Vertical Machining Center used for precision machining of small, medium, and large customer components requiring geometric characteristics. Either a single piece or repetitive components are both a match for our CNC capabilities.


A variety of manually machine tools such as precision engine lathes with DROs, vertical milling machines with DRO’s, drill presses, vertical and horizontal band saws hydraulic presses, welding machines ,press break, shear and other services. All the necessary machinery and tools to serve our customer’s needs.

Goal: To provide consistent quality parts, and service customized to meet each client’s specification.

“Meeting Your Service Needs Since 1981